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  2. When a fine girl calls you “papi” “boo” “babe” in front of your boys


    you turn and look at them like


    Lol light weight true. Love when she does.

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  3. Miss my girlfriend. Badly.

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  6. Say it one more time.

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  7. Grow up. Kill your insecurities.

    There’s a difference between men and boys and women and girls.

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  8. Never back talk to your parents. Just be patient with them. They made you. Honor them even when they are mad at you. They loved you since you were born… Love them back twice as much because they are getting older just like you.

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  9. EWF and Music

    Earth Wind & Fire - Be Ever Wonderful is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard til this day. My old best friend Aaron introduced me to a lot of music and I think I’ve done the same towards him, but EWF stood out to me out of the many. People don’t know but I absolutely love them. Boogie Wonderland, September, Lets Groove Tonight, Reason, and the list goes on and on. I’m not one to listen to them everyday or get a tattoo of em but when it randomly comes on, happiness stretches a long way for me. Aaron and I used to hang every day from 7th grade to my junior year in high school. We used to dance in meccamee together, krump together, hoop, he even brought me to my first Christian church which I now go to today with my gf many years later. One thing about this particular song is that Aaron told me that it’s the one song he’d want people to play on his funeral. I hope that day doesn’t come for him before me (selfish haha Jk), but it would suck. It’s crazy how God places certain people in your life in different seasons to grow together. And its crazy to know that you will always have that special bond with certain people even if years go by. I know we’re not close anymore but I still think about him from time to time when an old memory flashes back up. I even saw the homie at Yardhouse the other day and I smiled bright like crazy. He all introduced himself to my gf with a hug saying “hi, I’m Aaron, I see you all over his Instagram.” Haha. Anywho, just typing this randomly to say it is totally fine to go through phases in life to get to where you need to be. People shape you and sometimes you gotta give them credit because they might not even know it. My music game, me being a dancer an all lol, wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t know Aaron, Mac,OChedda, Ellis, and Jay Manipon to name a few. And music is what brought me to a whole new type of happiness that lasts for eternity. A throwback could pop on and my smirk comes on because of remembrance of the past.. Or present.

    This happens with a couple artists and bands too doe. Don’t get me wrong. ;) but thanks Earth Wind & Fire. You’re definitely underrated.

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  11. I still love that Drunk In Love song. Minus that background crazy singer throughout it all.

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  12. What got me was when Mike talked about how people can read for hours a day, pray every single day, go to church every single day, worship alone everyday, and how it all doesn’t mean anything unless you love people. God wants you to pour on to people what you put in. Don’t be selfish.

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  13. Sad truth

    Sad truth

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  14. Wine & Canvas.

    Wine & Canvas.

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